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Hdpe Corrugated Double Wall Pipe Id600 Sn8
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HDPE pipes
Pipes are manufactured with high density polyethylene, HDPE.
Polyethylene is a thermoplastic made from petroleum. it takes 1.75kg of petroleum (as energy and raw materials) to make 1kg of HDPE. HDPE has high tensile strength and forces between molecules which make HDPE harder and can withstand high temperatures (120ºC). HDPE is also resistant to chemicals so it has a very wide application, one of which is a water pipe.

HDPE Corrugated Double Wall pipes
is a pipe with HDPE material that is made with two different walls, on the outer wall of the corrugated pipe and on the inside of the pipe is flat. Ring stiffness of the pipe to withstand circular deformation in units: KN / m². when used the function of the outer wall will make the pipe more integrated with the situation of use and on the flat inner wall makes the flow of water move better.

Pipe Corrugated Double Wall ID600 SN8 Specifications

size (inch/meters)ID (mm)OD (mm)laminated wall thickness (mm)inside layer wall thickness (mm)connection lenght (mm)ring stiffness (KN/m²)

The main application of double wall corrugated HDPE pipes
1) Urban engineering, useful for drainage systems and sewer pipes.
2) Construction techniques, for rainwater pipes, underground drainage pipes, sewage pipes, ventilation pipes.
3) Telecommunication & electricity engineering, functions as a protective cable for electrical cables.
4) Highway & railroad telecommunications, protection pipes for optical cables and telecommunications.
5) Industry, widely used for liquid transmission pipes and waste pipes.
6) Engineering agriculture & plantations, as irrigation pipes for agricultural and plantation land.
7) Road works, used as drainage pipes for trains and highways
8) Mining, for air supply pipes (ventilation) and drainage pipes.
9) Double wall corrugated pipe with open holes can be used as highway seepage drainage pipes.
10) Project golf courses & soccer fields, pipes for seepage drainage in the field.

PT. Shuanglin Pipe Indonesia is a subsidiary company wholly owned by Zhejiang Shuanglin Environment Co.Ltd and Fubang Investment Co.Ltd. Is a factory located in Cikarang, Indonesia. By relying on technical support and a professional production management team provided by Zhejiang Shuanglin Environment Co.Ltd. We provide integrated water supply tools and drainage network solutions for urban construction in Indonesia.

At present our company has been producing Corrugated HDPE pipes with double walls, producing HDPE Spiral pipes, and producing solid Solid HDPE pipes. to produce water supply, drainage, sewers, flexible pipes and permeation pipes, etc.

we also open to become a distributor of the products we produce. for further information please visit our website

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