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PTShuanglin Pipe Indonesia - Jual Pipa HDPE dan Pipa HDPE Corrugated Single Wall

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PT Shuanglin Pipe Indonesia (Bekasi, Indonesia)

PT Shuanglin Pipe Indonesia is a wholly-owned subsidiary jointly established by Zhejiang Shuanglin Environment Co.Ltd and Fujian Hualong Fubang investment Co.Ltd. The factory is located in CIKARANG, Indonesia, with a total investment of USD 5,000,000. Factory has an area of 7,000 square meters. The company relies on the technical support and professional production management team provided by Zhejiang Shuanglin Environment Co., Ltd., in order to achieve the goal of “safe and environmentally friendly integrated water supply and drainage pipeline supplier”, PT Shuanglin Pipe Indonesia has been continuously focusing on technology introduction and innovation, we provide cutting-edge integrated water supply and drainage network solutions for urban construction in Indonesia.
In order to ensure the excellent performance of the products, PT Shuanglin Pipe Indonesia introduced the most advanced production equipment and technology, and established a strict standardized internal quality control system. From raw material procurement to product delivery, every step is strictly controlled.
At present, the company has advanced high-speed corrugated pipe production line, spiral pipe production line and HDPE pipe production line, mainly produces water supply, drainage,Sewage, flexible conduit and permeation pipe, etc. The product series include single-wall corrugated pipe. HDPE Double-wall corrugated pipe,HDPE spiral pipe, HDPE water supply pipe. Corrugated perforated pipe and sealing rubber ring for pipe connection, inspection well and other accessories.


Profesional HDPE/PP double wall corrugated pipe and HDPE spiral pipe manufacture


safe and environmentally friendly integrated water supply and drainage pipeline supplier


Jl. Kenari Blok G1 No. 28 A-B Lippo Cikarang, Ds. Cibatu, Kec. Cikarang Selatan, Bekasi 17530 Bekasi 17530
Bekasi , Indonesia



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